Thursday, January 03, 2008

Midnight conversations with a newly 9 yr old...

Tonight she asked me "So, how do you REALLY get a baby? Do you just get married and wish really hard for one or what???"
I told her I needed a good nights sleep first so I can give her a clear answer that she will understand. So...tomorrow we have "the talk"!

This is going to be hilarious I think. She has a great sense of humour and I'm sure will have lots to say about this one. We've already had multiple talks about how her body works and changes that will start to happen. She was NOT happy about it and eventually said "You aren't going to give me tampons are you cause MOM that is SOOOO embarrassing!!!!" (said with a look of utter horror on her face)

What to say...what to say...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New bike!

Ridley is thrilled that she finally has a new bike. It has front shocks and hand brakes. It'll take the trails near our house much better than her old bike. She figures she won't take as many spills with this one.

Cats don't like water...

Unless they are old and *forget* that they don't like water.
Excuse the bad photo. My digicam needed to be charged so I had to use my cell phone. (which takes great outdoor pics..but not so great indoor ones)

Friday, October 12, 2007


No flu! But I did end up with a bad cold. I've been house bound and playing lots of harvest moon.

I was looking for pants for Ridley online. One of the childrens stores are selling "ruffled knickers". In corduroy. Bleah, some things should just never come back in style! My fingers are crossed that neon doesn't make a comeback!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Flu talk..bleah

I don't usually get sick. Yeah, yeah, sinus infections occasionally but those are a rarity now thanks to my neti pot.
I am an expert virus dodger. Ridley ended up with many bouts of tonsillitis when she started school. Now? She is an expert virus dodger too. The biggest thing for dodging viruses is washing your hands. Its amazing to me how many kids don't know how to do it!

So the point of my post is...
Scott has had the flu the past few days. 102 fever, miserable, hacking up a lung kind of thing. Hes better today but now I feel something coming on. Some rat bastard virus is trying to take hold...

I'm winning for now!!! Vit c, garlic, echinacea and ginger tea. I don't know if any are helping but if previous history is any indication than they should. I started Ridley with echinaca, just in case.

I REALLY don't want to get sick!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Where did the time go??? A Ridley post

Yup, another post about my favourite notsolittleanymore person.

Ridley's first day of grade three is tomorrow. It shouldn't, but it always surprises me just how quick the summer flies by.
To celebrate (?? mixed about that) I am sitting on the patio indulging in some wine and smoking my face off. :) I always greet the first day of school with apprehension because I am never sure whether I will be relieved or sad. I think this year it will be more relief than anything. I'm ready for a bit of a break.

Her backpack is all packed with her school supplies, lunch is ready in the fridge and her new outfit is set out. We're having a special dinner tomorrow night (just us girls) and I think we'll cap off the night with a bike ride to the creek to catch some critters.

This year, she is taking swimming lessons again. She says she would like to take singing lessons and wants to go to drama camp next summer. I think both would be a great confidence builder for her. I hesitate to overload her with activities though. I think its important for kids to have free time and with the homework load increasing this year, I want to be careful.

I let Ridley watch the kids choice awards tonight. She says her absolute fave singer is Hilary Duff. Its the influence of her peers I am sure as she never asks for Hilary Duff when we are in the car. She always asks for the Gipsy Kings. (which btw is GREAT driving music!!)

On tap tomorrow...I get to resume my daily morning walk and I may treat myself to a Timmies.
And so starts yet another school year. Which means I'll have more time to blog. :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Driving test

I was *very* nervous but the examiner was really nice and I'm sure cut me some slack.
I passed!!! Parallel parking was the easiest part of the test. Go figure!

My G2 will expire in April but I can renew it then for 5 years. After a year, I can take my G test at any time. Since the only restriction on my G2 is that I must have a 0 blood alcohol level, I'm quite content with my G2 for the time being.

The wild part about all this is that I was down at the ER on sunday with internal bleeding, I'm getting a sinus infection AND I still passed my test!!!! I'm pretty darn cool. ;)

Whew, I am SO glad its over with!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday morning bird rescue

Ridley came barreling into the house this morning yelling "Its an emergency!!! A bird is going to get KILLED!"
I was half asleep still but went outside and found the neighbours cat playing with a baby bird. We shooed the cat away and put the bird in a safe place in the corner of the yard until we could figure out what to do with it. The bird promptly flew into the composter which meant another more icky rescue. Bleah! "Robby" (a robin we think??) is currently residing in a tree in our backyard. (like the fake birds nest??) This is the third bird that Ridley has rescued this year. Shes also rescued countless bugs from our pool. We remove soggy yet still alive bugs almost daily..even bees! She hates bees but insists they be given a chance. She expects me to be the brawn in these rescue missions yet how could I say no when she pleads and beams her baby blues at me.

The worst part is explaining to her that we can only do so much for this bird. Whether or not it survives depends on nature more than anything. Fingers crossed here.